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Utility Artificial Intelligence Analytics R&D Risk models Outage Vegetation risk Clearance issues

Using AI for vegetation risk assessment near power lines

The results of the project; "AI based risk model for vegetation near power lines" can cont...

Utility Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning R&D Technology

Using Digital Twins to Develop Deep Learning Algorithms for Semi-Autonomous Drone...

«A digital twin is a digital replica of a living or non-living physical entity, creating a...

Utility R&D

Smart Grids: Challenges of Processing Heterogenous Data for Risk Assessment

Recent advances in IT-related fields are opening up a broad range of novel applications. T...

Utility Artificial Intelligence

How to Improve Asset Inspections by Taking Advantage of Artificial Intelligence

Among the largest and most important assets in an electric utility are their transmission ...

Utility Artificial Intelligence

Better Utilize Your Data With AI

We all know that utilities and power grid operators face massive challenges. Aging power g...

Utility Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence – a revolution in the air [Video]

The energy and utility industry is continuously facing challenges, and with the current ra...


Accelerating Power Grid Inspections With Drones and Artificial Intelligence

Power grid companies can take great advantage of new technology, and the benefits are many...

Utility Software Development

Making the Smart Grid Intelligent: Using Software to Improve Power Reliability

Networked Energy Services (NES) and eSmart Systems have written a joint white paper about ...


How Intelligent Drones Help Leverage Utility Data

Until now, power line inspections have been manual processes. Deploying drones coupled wit...

Big Data Cloud Utility

Hacking and Cyber-Attacks: Are Utilities More Vulnerable in the Cloud?

One of the most significant computing trends is cloud-based solutions. Increasingly, organ...

Big Data Utility Artificial Intelligence

The Intelligent Drone: A Key Component in Your End-to-End System

Today, anyone can purchase a drone. The selection of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) target...

Energy Utility

Cutting Power Outage Costs with New Technology

Growing grid threats from increasing energy demands, energy-intensive devices and extreme ...

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