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Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning

[WEBINAR] AI and Machine Learning for Power and Utilities

Researchers and scientists have worked with AI technologies for decades, but the technolog...

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning

The Coming Age of AI and Machine Learning - Hype or Reality?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are talked about like never before, and over ...

Utility Artificial Intelligence

How to Improve Asset Inspections by Taking Advantage of Artificial Intelligence

Among the largest and most important assets in an electric utility are their transmission ...

Utility Artificial Intelligence

Better Utilize Your Data With AI

We all know that utilities and power grid operators face massive challenges. Aging power g...

Utility Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence – a revolution in the air [Video]

The energy and utility industry is continuously facing challenges, and with the current ra...

Artificial Intelligence

How Can Autonomous Drones Help the Energy and Utilities Industry?

In the new Microsoft series, How AI Transforms Business, Microsoft talks to customers and ...

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence: How to take advantage of new technology in the energy in...

Chief Analytics Officer at eSmart Systems, Davide Roverso, recently sat down with Torgeir ...

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning

Data-driven Intelligence and Machine Learning Will Revolutionize Every Industry

Data is now a strategic business asset. Every device, every customer, every activity — eve...

Big Data Utility Artificial Intelligence

The Intelligent Drone: A Key Component in Your End-to-End System

Today, anyone can purchase a drone. The selection of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) target...

Big Data Utility Artificial Intelligence Analytics Machine Learning

Using Machine Learning and Smart Meter Data for Fraud Detection

Electricity theft and fraud represent significant economic losses to utility players. To c...

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Smart Grid

Alchemy for Grid Operators - Turning your smart meter data into gold

Artificial intelligence and machine learning enable grid operators to segment customers ba...

Big Data Utility Artificial Intelligence Analytics Machine Learning

Why AI and Machine Learning Are Essential for Next Gen Utilities

Utilities stand on the brink of a data revolution. Smart meters, utility infrastructure se...

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eSmart Systems provides AI driven software solutions to the energy industry and service providers. Their cloud born platform is designed to handle and exploit IoT, Big Data and Analytics in real time. The company is based on more than 20 years of international experience in establishing and operating knowledge based, leading IT and energy related companies targeting global markets.


If you want to stay updated on artificial intellgence, the rapid development of the energy supply, the power grid and the energy consumption trends, Intelligence First is your water hole.