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Save (On) Your Flexibility, Not Your kWhs

For years now, consumers have been encouraged to contribute to energy efficiency by restri...


Collective Electricity Management: An Easy, Green-Efficiency Tool

If you have invested in extensive EV charging for your commercial building and monitor the...

ChargeFlex Prosumer

Electric Vehicles: Exploiting Grid Capacity and Gaining Better Charging Access

Today, one of the greatest obstacles to EV adoption, is charging infrastructure. There are...

Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence

Data-driven Intelligence and Machine Learning Will Revolutionize Every Industry

Data is now a strategic business asset. Every device, every customer, every activity — eve...

Software Development Utility

Making the Smart Grid Intelligent: Using Software to Improve Power Reliability

Networked Energy Services (NES) and eSmart Systems have written a joint white paper about ...

Prosumer ChargeFlex

Transforming EVs: From Challenge to Utility Infrastructure Asset

Transport sector electrification is a considerable concern for utilities faced with massiv...


Will Installing Solar Panels Be Profitable for Your Home?

The sun is one of the very few renewable energy sources available to us. This explains the...

Machine Learning

Towards Industrial-Grade Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning are undoubtedly soon to become pervasive technologies across socie...


How Intelligent Drones Help Leverage Utility Data

Until now, power line inspections have been manual processes. Deploying drones coupled wit...

Backpack-Sized Drones Help Utilities Recover Faster from Power Outages

Extreme weather is a threat to power grids worldwide. As extreme weather threats are incre...

Machine Learning

The Acceleration of Machine Learning and its Vertical Realizations

Machine learning development is accelerating at an unprecedented pace as new breakthroughs...

When it Comes to Power Line Inspections, All Drones are Not Created Equal

Manual data processing methods in power line inspections are both resource intensive and i...

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