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Operations Center Control Room

Municipalities foresee disasters with intelligent Control Rooms

Progress in artificial intelligence and big data can save municipalities considerable cost...

Big Data Utility Analytics

AMI: Just Another Silo or an Essential Data Lake Component?

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), or smart meters, can be just another operational s...

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Smart Grid

Alchemy for Grid Operators - Turning your smart meter data into gold

Artificial intelligence and machine learning enable grid operators to segment customers ba...

Big Data Utility Artificial Intelligence Analytics Machine Learning

Why AI and Machine Learning Are Essential for Next Gen Utilities

Utilities stand on the brink of a data revolution. Smart meters, utility infrastructure se...

Utility Machine Learning Prediction Technology

Reduced CAPEX: New Technology, New Demand Response Opportunities

Higher energy consumption levels, renewable energy sources, and new electrical loads, are ...


How to save 90% on your trading platform while keeping all features

In commodity trading, profit is alpha and omega. How profitable are your IT investments? 8...

Smart City Smart Health

EVs in the Home Care Unit: Routing the Nearest Car to a Call-out

Electric vehicles are gaining ground in Norwegian municipal home care units. Recent advanc...

Energy Smart City Gamification

Using Gamification to Engage Citizens and Reach Climate Goals

Gamification is a marketing technique that uses game design elements and game principles t...


Why Intelligent drones will revolutionize grid operations

It might sound like science fiction but drones will soon take over the inspection of your ...

Smart Health

Halden Municipality’s early experiences with VKA

In Halden municipality almost everyone agrees to the fact that welfare technology will pla...

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