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Meet eSmarter Christine Mjærum

For eSmart Systems, the user experience is the window through which the world experiences ...


Meet eSmarter Daniel Celand Dahl

Daniel Celand Dahl became an eSmarter in 2018 and is now an essential part of the team. Da...


Meet eSmarter Rozina Dongol

eSmart Systems strives to deliver high-quality performance in all our products and service...


Meet eSmarter Huyen Thi Phuong Vu

Nearly 20% of eSmart Systems' employees work in the area of AI and machine learning. One o...


Meet eSmarter Frida Josefin Sund

Frida Josefin Sund is one of eSmart Systems’ youngest employees, she is more or less fresh...


Meet eSmarter Brad Naus

Some people really take their pride in doing a good job, and Quality Assurance Software En...


Internship in eSmart Systems

We have been fortunate to have Christian Børke working with us this January. In this blog ...


Microsoft Student Community HIOF with Enigma, eSmart Systems and Smart Simulation

The newly formed Microsoft Student Community at HIOF (Høgskolen i Østfold) held their firs...

Business Entrepreneurship Careers

eSmart Systems in Silicon Valley

eSmart Systems has these days started an internationalization process and as a first step ...

Entrepreneurship Careers

Back to School

This fall, two eSmarter’s have gone back to school. Knut Gustavsen, COO of eSmart Systems,...


The eSmart Atmosphere

I sensed it the minute I walked in to the office space. You cannot put your finger on it a...

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eSmart Systems provides AI driven software solutions to the energy industry and service providers. Their cloud born platform is designed to handle and exploit IoT, Big Data and Analytics in real time. The company is based on more than 20 years of international experience in establishing and operating knowledge based, leading IT and energy related companies targeting global markets.


If you want to stay updated on artificial intellgence, the rapid development of the energy supply, the power grid and the energy consumption trends, Intelligence First is your water hole.