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Sveli, Joakim

Sveli, Joakim
Joakim Sveli is a Business Manager at eSmart Systems, responsible for the Energy Markets segment. He is an experienced professional working with several issues within the environmental, climate and energy field from the perspective of a consultant, civil servant and in the private sector. His areas of expertise include new concept market entry, charging infrastructure, electric vehicles, public planning and Environmental Management Systems.

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The Reciprocity of Intelligent Energy Management for Utilities and Commercial Bui...

An intelligent energy top system creates a win-win situation for both power grid operators...


Save (On) Your Flexibility, Not Your kWhs

For years now, consumers have been encouraged to contribute to energy efficiency by restri...


Collective Electricity Management: An Easy, Green-Efficiency Tool

If you have invested in extensive EV charging for your commercial building and monitor the...

Prosumer ChargeFlex

Transforming EVs: From Challenge to Utility Infrastructure Asset

Transport sector electrification is a considerable concern for utilities faced with massiv...


Will Installing Solar Panels Be Profitable for Your Home?

The sun is one of the very few renewable energy sources available to us. This explains the...

Utility Energy

Cutting Power Outage Costs with New Technology

Growing grid threats from increasing energy demands, energy-intensive devices and extreme ...

Prosumer Energy

SMART HOMES: How to Become Your Own Energy Company

Electricity is cheap, but that's about to change. As smart meters are being installed in h...

Utility Technology Prediction Machine Learning

Reduced CAPEX: New Technology, New Demand Response Opportunities

Higher energy consumption levels, renewable energy sources, and new electrical loads, are ...


Profit from Integrating Electric Vehicles into the Energy Market

Have you wondered just how great of an investment that Electric Vehicle you bought really ...

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