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[WEBINAR] AI and Machine Learning for Power and Utilities

By Forsetlund, Henriette Næss 13. September 2019


Researchers and scientists have worked with AI technologies for decades, but the technology has not really been tested in large-scale market applications. However, over the last years AI and machine learning technologies are increasingly utilized in real-world industry applications.

Focusing on power and utilities, eSmart Systems’ Chief Analytics Officer, Davide Roverso, looks at challenges, solutions, ongoing R&D and demonstrates the maturity level of AI and machine learning in our latest webinar. 

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Examples from eSmart Systems

Nearly 20% of eSmart employees are data scientists working with our two main areas, analytics software for infrastructure inspections and analytics software for prosumer flexibility optimization. We use machine learning technology in both areas, focusing respectively on image analysis and time series forecasting. Also, we are looking into new areas like risk modeling and optimization, e.g. optimizing the operation of the smart grid.

In the webinar, Davide Roverso takes a deep dive in how we use these technologies in eSmart Systems’ industrialized solution. Watch it here: 


This is the second webinar of a two-part series. The first one, “The coming age of AI and machine learning – hype or reality”, focuses on the history of AI and big data, how we use models based on neural networks, and how we train neural networks with GPU’s. It also shows several examples of AI technologies in use.

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By: Forsetlund, Henriette Næss

Henriette Næss Forsetlund holds a M.Sc. Degree in Media, Communication and Information Technology from the Norwegian University for Science and Technology (NTNU) and the University of California, Berkeley. Henriette was eSmart Systems' Marketing and Communications Manager from 2014 - 2021. She has formerly worked in Smart Innovation Norway and Borg Innovation with responsibilities related to internal and external communications.

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