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Energy Utility

What Smart Meters Can Do for Utility Infrastructure Operations

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), or smart meters, can be either just another silo i...

Smart Grid

Utility Hacking: Turn a Vulnerable Smart Grid Into a Powerful Defender

  Digitally empowered power grids are paving the way for new and exciting opportunities fo...

Energy Prosumer

SMART HOMES: How to Become Your Own Energy Company

Electricity is cheap, but that's about to change. As smart meters are being installed in h...

Big Data Utility Artificial Intelligence Analytics Machine Learning

Using Machine Learning and Smart Meter Data for Fraud Detection

Electricity theft and fraud represent significant economic losses to utility players. To c...

Big Data Smart City

Improving Municipal Climate Performance Through Cooperative Benchmarking

As the saying goes, you can't manage what you can't measure. But, even if you do measure c...

Big Data

Making Utility Infrastructure Operations More Efficient

Since the building of the electrical grid, the ways we produce, distribute, and consume en...

Utility Smart City

Why Public Utilities Should Help Cities Become Smarter

Global population is growing, people are increasingly migrating to urban areas, and resour...

Smart City

Dear Chief Municipal Executive, Tear Down These Walls! [Smart City]

Chief municipal executives, agency directors, and deputy mayors have the potential to beco...


End User Privacy Perspectives in Utility Infrastructure Operations

Technology is creating new opportunities for the utility sector. The Internet of Things, B...

Smart Health

Smart Health: Relatives As a Health Care Resource

The relative number of senior citizens in Norway is rising, and many of them want to stay ...

Smart City

Smart City Dashboards Help Municipalities Achieve Climate Goals

Big Data has been coined the "new oil," which is good news for municipalities, where data ...

Big Data Utility Analytics

AMI: Just Another Silo or an Essential Data Lake Component?

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), or smart meters, can be just another operational s...

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