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Smart Health

Halden Municipality’s early experiences with VKA

In Halden municipality almost everyone agrees to the fact that welfare technology will pla...


SCADA / DMS / AMI / NIS: Obsolete?

Traditional operational and information systems are changing, which is driving grid operat...

Big Data Cloud

Cloud Only? Prerequisites for a Successful Cloud Computing Strategy

One of the biggest IT trends is cloud computing. With today’s disruptive digitalization, e...


Profit from Integrating Electric Vehicles into the Energy Market

Have you wondered just how great of an investment that Electric Vehicle you bought really ...

Big Data Smart City Smart Health Artificial Intelligence

Riding the Age Wave with AI and Big Data

The age wave is rising and when it hits 19% of our population will be aged 70 or above, mo...

Big Data Artificial Intelligence Technology

An introduction to the Big Data Landscape

What is Big Data? Data has always been an important asset in every industry. Since the ear...


Internship in eSmart Systems

We have been fortunate to have Christian Børke working with us this January. In this blog ...

Smart Grid Prosumer

Prosumer bidding and scheduling in electricity markets

Stig Ødegaard Ottesen, Head of R&D in eSmart Systems, recently got accepted for publicatio...


Microsoft Student Community HIOF with Enigma, eSmart Systems and Smart Simulation

The newly formed Microsoft Student Community at HIOF (Høgskolen i Østfold) held their firs...


ChargeFlex strengthening its research capacity

The R&D project ChargeFlex is coming close to ending its first out of three project years,...

Business Entrepreneurship Careers

eSmart Systems in Silicon Valley

eSmart Systems has these days started an internationalization process and as a first step ...


The power of values

Leading an industry requires more than just having a sense if what you are and who you wan...

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If you want to stay updated on artificial intellgence, the rapid development of the energy supply, the power grid and the energy consumption trends, Intelligence First is your water hole.