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The eSmart Atmosphere

By Skagen, Tina M. 10. February 2015


I sensed it the minute I walked in to the office space. You cannot put your finger on it at once, but it is something about the atmosphere at eSmart Systems. While you walk down the corridor, you observe the choice of colors, black and green. Bold, energetic. The statement “Powered by Values” decorating the walls. Then you reach the end of the corridor, and Halden’s warmest smile and greatest welcome, office manager Heidi, offers you a coffee. Wherever you look around you will observe dedicated conversations, friendly faces and laughter.

I had my first official workday Friday January 2 this year. Prior to this, I visited the office a couple of times in December to attend meetings and get to know my new colleagues. Therefore, I knew the faces of most of my new co-workers, and I had an idea of what I would be working with; ChargeFlex and Empower, two major projects for eSmart in 2015 and the years to come.

My Background
I am Master of Science in Business and Administration from Norwegian School of Economics. In my previous job, I was project manager at EVRY, primarily working with Dynamics CRM development and implementation projects. The intersecting point between business and ICT is something I find very interesting. Add a touch of entrepreneurship and the possibility of being part of something revolutionizing, and you have my motivation for working within eSmart’s business area.

My first weeks flew by in an attempt to dive into the projects’ core. In addition to this, during my first month I have participated at the international kick-off for Empower hosted by Smart Innovation Østfold here in Halden, the Smart Energy 2015 conference, also in Halden, and several internal and external meetings of great interest. I have had, and still have, a steep learning curve.

My Recruitment Process
eSmart put me through an extensive recruitment process, with both conventional interviews, and a case interview. I knew from before that eSmart was a place of A-players. Sigurd, Stig and Knut G. confirmed this through the interviews we had, and the demands and expectations they expressed through our conversations. For my case interview, they challenged me to look at demand response, changing the end-users consumption patterns through various incentives, the energy business and my previous field of expertise, customer relationship management. How could CRM benefit the players in the energy business in this new and emerging landscape? I had two nights of preparations, and have not worked as hard since my days as a student.

I have been here a month now. Co-workers have occasionally asked me how I experience my first time here. For me two things are essential when it comes to having a good day at work. You need 1) challenging tasks, and 2) inspiring co-workers. At eSmart I have had both from day one.

What is Special About eSmart?
So what is it about the atmosphere at eSmart Systems? Is it the people? Partially. More precisely, I believe it is the knowledge the eSmart people share. The knowledge that we have built something brilliant that can change the way industries work, and play a major part in revolutionizing the world. I think the atmosphere you sense when you walk into the eSmart space is the energy that is building up when brilliant minds have come together and are preparing to conquer the world. And I am a proud part of it!

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Skagen, Tina M.'s photo

By: Skagen, Tina M.

Tina is Chief Operating Officer at eSmart Systems and holds a M.Sc. in Strategy and Management from Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration. In 2008 she completed the Norwegian Entrepreneurship Program in Boston as a part of her master’s degree, and in 2015 she participated in the program Innovation Management in a Global Business Perspective at Norwegian Business School. Over the past years, Tina has held positions as Director of Business Development, Business Controller and Project Manager in different Norwegian corporations.

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