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Åsberg, Erik

Åsberg, Erik
Erik is CTO at eSmart Systems and has 20 years of experience in software development within the energy space, mainly using Microsoft and Oracle technologies. The last four years he has been focusing on architecture and design of Big Data technologies, all on the Microsoft Azure platform. He was appointed Microsoft Regional Director-Norway in 2019, for a second consecutive two-year period. This is a program that consists of 150 of the world's top technology visionaries chosen specifically for their proven cross-platform expertise, community leadership, and commitment to business results, and therefore nominated as trusted advisor to the developer and IT professional audiences and Microsoft.

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Utility Artificial Intelligence

Better Utilize Your Data With AI

We all know that utilities and power grid operators face massive challenges. Aging power g...

Big Data Cloud Utility

Hacking and Cyber-Attacks: Are Utilities More Vulnerable in the Cloud?

One of the most significant computing trends is cloud-based solutions. Increasingly, organ...

Cloud Utility

Utilities and the Cloud: How to Keep Your Data Safe and Stay Compliant

With a rapidly increasing number of businesses moving into the cloud, cloud-based solution...

Smart Grid

Utility Hacking: Turn a Vulnerable Smart Grid Into a Powerful Defender

Digitally empowered power grids are paving the way for new and exciting opportunities for ...


End User Privacy Perspectives in Utility Infrastructure Operations

Technology is creating new opportunities for the utility sector. The Internet of Things, B...

Big Data Cloud

Cloud Only? Prerequisites for a Successful Cloud Computing Strategy

One of the biggest IT trends is cloud computing. With today’s disruptive digitalization, e...

Enabling cooperation between electricity consumers

The following post was written by Julien Flaig, a masters student from Grenoble Institute ...

Big Data Analytics Software Development Technology

The Nexus of Forces

After working with relational and transactional systems for nearly two decades, the limita...

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